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I wanted to be a personal blogger and…a fashion blogger at the same time. Well, I think my body fails me so much. And my facial expression breaks everything. Plus, my photographer is such a lame Urg I hate it. But nyways, here you go, say hello to my fail outfit post with cropped face and whatever.. hahaha lol

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Top and High waisted Shorts from Bazaar | Slippers from Gaisano Tabunok | Bag from Sky travel (borrowed from dad) | Rosary Bracelet

I wanted to be on trend so I tried my new favorite and newly bought —- high waisted shorts which I’m inlove to death! Ohmygod. High waisted shorts are awesomeness haha Need to buy tons of this.

I paired it with (again) my newly bought cropped top with some distress designs in front. Well, I don’t know if I paired it the right way but it still looks amazing I guess. Whatcha think? lol

And there you go, my first outfit post. hihi. Hope you all loved it! And oh by the way. It’s my fathers birthday today so uhm where in a paradise right now. haha Thank God! Finally, I can feel summer. ツ Enjoying every seconds, minutes and hours. Twenty years living and it’s my first family outing HAHA

#ootd #ayala with fambam. Hey there! :) (Taken with Instagram)

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Another outfit post for today. yeheey! TOP newly bought from Emall. SHOES from G-tabsNecklace from my cousins closet. Wrist Watch from Q&Q bought at G-tabs and lastly, a handmade beaded bracelet..  

On the other note, today is a very tiring day for me. Went to school this morning due to some important errands but take note, I never attend any of my classes. BAD KID! haha.

Then, when everything’s done at school, I went to Ome’s house. I spend the whole day with him. 



Mcdo for snacks— fries and sundae. Perfect combi! :)

New thrifted tops. haha. Another new clothes. Yeheey! IM ADDICTED TO SHOPPING—fact about me. BDW, I went thrifting with Ome, he picked that black and white v-neck long sleeves and that gray vest. haha. 

And lastly, dinner date at Jollibee. No picture taken because I forgot.

That’s it! A very tiring day but it’s all worth it. :) xoxo.

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First Day of class -Outfit Post-

Today’s Outfit at school. It’s our First day of class. Went to school at around eleven o’clock in the morning but sadly, NO TEACHERS yet! Anyways, tambay sa boarding house ni Malou (as always pag walang klase) at natulog pahkatapos kumain. BABOY SYNDROME!


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Off to simala again. :) (Taken with Instagram)

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Went to simala this morning. Very tiring day. :)) My outfit for today’s trip. <3

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