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Drooling over Camille Co’s outfits. I’m loving every bits of it. From head to foot, everything is just so fantastic and amaze balls. ahhh!


Oh my God her haiiiiiir! I want that! hahahaha. Uhm I was supposed to color my hair just like that, but since I’m still on a job hunting kiddo mode and some of the company might be strict in having super noticeable hair color like that, so I decided to wait till I get hired and you know, might color it just like that. hihi


And I’ve been hunting some cutie patotie corset. haha I think its a closet must haves since it’s still summer.

Happy 31st monthsarry my daddy, brother, husband, fashion stylist, financer, sister, clown, mother, nurse, doctor, baby, manicurista, make-up artist, lover, boyfriend and everything. I can call you anything right now.

I am beyond grateful and lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for the love and care. Thank you for making me smile when I’m sad. Thank you for farting in front of me after eating pizza. haha. And thank you for buying me my favorite slurpee, coke float, burger steak and caramel sundae. Because of you I gained so much na! haha Thank you for all those silly arguments which makes this relationship last long, but uhmm duuh, let’s not make it a routine lang ha? kay it might kill us both, I mean it might kill our relationship hihi.

I love you so much. I love you beyond words, to infinity and beyond. I love you so extremely much I think I’m about to burst! I love you to the moon and back, even beyond the moon, wherever that is and I love you more than life itself. :)

Happy 20th birthday my brother, my bestfriend, my father, my lover. I can call you anything na siguro. hihi We met when we were seventeen years old, and now you’re turning twenty today. You are the bestest boyfriend I ever had. Thank you for coming into my life. I know it may get really hard and tough sometimes, but when you find somebody in your life worth waiting for, worth fighting for, you’ll do everything you can together, to make it work. I’m so happy that I got the chance to be with you for almost three years now. I hope to have the chance to grow even older with you in the future.

Happy Birthday, daddy! I love you always and forever.

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Horsy horsy! Please be good. It’s my first toime. Hahaha Horse back riding is just so awesome at Papa Kits (at Papa Kits)

Right now you might not feel the best you’ve ever felt, you might feel that things will never get better. But don’t give up. Tomorrow you might see something wonderful. The things you’ve worrying about may be resolved. You might have a good day tomorrow, you may smile.

Answered asks & messages Part 2

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First of all… Thank you guys for sending me such a heart warming messages. If you only knew how I treasured things like this. It makes my heart so happy and super excited.. It makes me jump for joy. hihi

thesandytoes: Yup! I do watched em almost everyday. hahaha Hey, do you know who beautybaby44 is? She’s a favorite of mine. hihi. Or macbarbie07? hahaha. Someday, we can have 24hours YouTube marathon. hhaha kidding! :D

littlemissdona: ooowwh! For real? haha. Well, thank you bebe. :D I visited your blog (just now) it was adorable bebe. :D It’s so nice. Mas maganda pa blog mo eh. :)

Rheagulafo: uhmm, I’m from University of San Jose-Recolletos hahaha. Completo lang! nyways, goodluck bebe! Financial management course is nice. Hmp, Bat di ka nag accountancy? hahaha

untangling-thoughts: Your welcome. hihihi. Oh thank you! :D

Keep the messages coming! And pleeeease! PLEASE! No hate! :D Anons are welcome, too.

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